iTRADE Platforms

What does FlightDesk offer?



How do I change the Default Account in the Preferences menu?


What is a Market If Touched order?



How do I change the background colour?


Can I edit column headers?


How do I sort lists/columns alphabetically/numerically?


How do I re-size sidebars when using 'Layout' buttons?


Within the symbol input field for each component, how do I drag and drop a symbol so that it erases the previous symbols (as opposed to adding it and generating an error message)?


How do I detach, drag and drop components such as ’market-depth’ or ‘charts’ to a second monitor?


How do I change font size?


My session was shut down unexpectedly.  On my next login I was prompted with a message stating “session could not be closed successfully”. I have Load and Reset buttons. What should I choose?



In Watch List, when I reduce the component size, why does  the ‘Select List’ drop down box disappear, leaving only the ‘Template’ visible so I cannot easily access my lists without increasing the component size again?


How do I export my Watch Lists?


In a Watch List symbol line, why are only 'Change' and '% Change' highlighted in red or green, instead of the entire line?


How do I 'lock' watch lists so new symbols are not added when I use the main”Search Box” at the top left to search symbols unrelated to the Watch List I have setup?


Is there a 'news alert' that can be attached to symbols?


How do I adjust the charting studies?


How do I add and delete chart indicators?


Is there a ‘memo’ field for notes and references?


Market Data


Why are the ‘Total Outstanding Shares’ and ‘Short Position’ columns not working for any exchange?


How do I view market movers for the day?