Manage Workspaces


Add Layout

The first step in using FlightDesk is to select a layout style. 

Three unique layouts are available and can be customized base on personal aesthetic preference, choose from Flexsheet, Desktop, or Accordion Pane Multiple workspaces can be created with different layouts and styles for each.

The FlightDesk application is extremely user friendly and customizable. For example, work from one layout or have multiple layouts open and working at any given time.

To select a layout, expand the  selecting_layouts.jpg  icon from the Workspace Bar or select Add New Workspace in the main menu.  Repeat the same action to add multiple layouts.

To remove or rename a layout, right click on a tab from the Workspace Bar, and a drop down menu will appear.


Save Workspace

Workspaces can be saved in two ways:


Choosing to save workspace will save the entire application in its exact state. All workspaces will be saved, components within those workspaces will be saved, and symbols within those components will be saved. However, this does not save custom watch lists and templates to be loaded in newly launched components. To do this the individual watch list or template must be saved.


Several choices are available to return to a previous workspace setup from the Main Menu: