Pop-up Trade Ticket

There are several ways to open the pop-up trade ticket: click any Buy, Sell or Trade button; Bid and Ask price value; or right click menu with cursor on any symbol.  The trade ticket will appear at the centre of the screen with the equity or option symbol prepopulated and the background will dim to give focus to the trade action.  


Equity Ticket



Options Ticket

Flip between the option order and analyze screens by clicking the button found in the top right corner of the pop-up window, below the quote panel.




Order Status Notifications

Once an order has been submitted, changed or cancelled, an order confirmation will be displayed.  In addition, when an order receives a partial fill, complete fill or is rejected, a notification is immediately displayed.



Partial fill notifications include the fill price and quantity; complete fill notifications include the average fill price and total fill quantity.



Notifications will only be displayed momentarily and clicking on the notification box will open the Order Book component.