The Analytics component provides detailed historical trading information and fundamental data. This component is unique in that it contains 9 pages, which can be launched as the initial Analytics page or navigated to in an already existing Analytics component.

When accessing the Analytics component from a menu, it will display a fly-out menu with the list of pages. Select one of these pages to display it immediately upon launching Analytics. Once an Analytics component is open, navigate through these pages by selecting from the drop-down menu or clicking the arrows on the Analytics toolbar.




The Fundamentals section contain data and information that would be used for fundamental research.


Company Profile

The company profile page includes high level stock information, a list of executives, company reporting dates, and a description of the company's business.


Financial Statements

Financial Statements includes the company balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and cash flow calculations. The statements provided are annual for the previous 4 years of reporting.


Earnings, Estimates, and Ratios

Earnings, Estimates, and Ratios contains various financial ratios and valuations, calculated for 3 previous years and 3 future years based on projections.

* The EPS and PE Ratio is calculated using last fiscal year end data.


Indices Performance

Indices Performance compares the entered symbol to each of the indices on which it is listed based on beta, correlation, and relative performance.


Analyst Evaluations

Analyst Evaluations provides a visual representation of the average analyst opinion, as well as analyst research summaries.



The Dividends page contains a list of historical dividends and capital changes. Capital changes may include stock splits, consolidations, etc.



The Trading section include historical trading data which can be used to observe and identify trends in a symbol's trading pattern.



The Summary page captures the price, performance, and volatility trends over several periods and trading information for the previous 3 sessions. Also included are some financial values and ratios, such as shares outstanding and yield.


Trade History

Trade History displays historical open, high, low, close, and volume data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Modify the displayed time span by selecting dates from the drop-down menus or calendars along the top of the page. Further, select the interval of daily, weekly, or monthly from the Interval drop-down. These selections will move into the Analytics menu if the component is sufficiently small.

Note: Columns can be sorted by clicking on the headers.



Time & Sales

Time & Sales contains a list of all the trades that have occurred for a symbol during the current trading day. The below image displays the columns in the Time & Sales page. From left to right, these columns are: Time, Buyer Broker ID / Seller Broker ID, Quantity, Price, Date, and Message.

To reload Time & Sales to include current data, select Refresh from the Analytics menu.



The message column may display the following memos:


More Analytics features: