Link Mode


Standard Link Mode

Link mode allows a symbol to be broadcast to one or many components from a single input. That is, any component(s) with Link Mode On link_mode.jpg will receive the broadcasted symbol. This can work in two ways:

  1. Components with Link Mode On will accept symbols entered in the Main Search Bar.

  1. Components with Link Mode On can accept symbols selected or entered in the Watch List. To enable this feature, Enable Broadcast must be selected from the Watch List Menu. Symbols will then be broadcast to all linked components through a single click. The Enable Broadcast setting is unique to each instance of the Watch List component and is not a general setting. In order to broadcast from every watch list, the Enable Broadcast function must be selected in each component.


Note: Symbols entered in the Main Search Bar will always be broadcast to the active component highlighted with red trim.


Enhanced Link Mode

Enhanced Link Mode is an extension of the standard Link Mode function with additional customization. If Enhanced Link Mode is enabled, each and every component can be programmed to receive from and broadcast to a number of different channels.

To enable Enhanced Link Mode, go to the Preferences icon link_mode_2.jpg in the top right hand corner of the FlightDesk application.

To link a component using the Enhanced Link Mode, click the link_mode_3.jpg icon in the top right hand corner of a component, or access the component menu for rail components. The Enhanced selections work as follows: