Symbol Entry

FlightDesk has two symbology formats: Extended and Simplified.  The Simplified Format symbology uses :CA and :US suffixes attached to the root symbol and instrument type to identify Canadian and US securities, respectively.  The Extended symbology allows you to select the exchange suffix and get exchange specific quotes for equities. This symbol format is constructed using the root symbol, instrument type and exchange suffix.  See Equity Symbols for more information.


Add Symbol

There are several methods to add symbols to components.

1. Search Box

The main Search Box is used to search or enter symbols and company names.  Symbols that are entered in this field will be propagated in the active component and components with Link Mode enabled. Multiple symbols can be broadcast to the Watch List, News and Chart component using a comma, semi-colon or space separator.  To view more information on linking components view Link Mode.

If the symbol is not known, type in the company name and a global overview of likely candidates will appear.  This feature compares the entered text against symbols and instrument names in the database and returns the 10 most suitable matches. Hovering over a search result will display a fly-out menu with a list of symbols on various markets. Click on a symbol to select it or press Enter to select the input text.

(a) Extended Format


(b) Simplified Format



To further narrow the search, set parameters by clicking on the looking glass adding_symbols_2.jpg to filter results by security type.


2. Component Input Box

Each component has a Symbol Input Box in its top left corner. Begin typing a symbol or company name and the suggestive search menu will appear below the input field (to learn more view Equity Symbols). Most components have a drop-down list within the Symbol Input Box to display recently entered symbols.

The Watch List and Alerts allow entering a symbol by double clicking an empty row or by right clicking and selecting Add Symbol.

The Watch List and News components allow multiple symbols in the Symbol Input Box separated by a comma, semicolon or space.  The Chart component supports comma or semicolon as a separator.  


3. Drag & Drop

FlightDesk has a drag and drop feature that is widely applied throughout the application to allow easy transfer of symbols between components. Dropping a symbol into a new component will copy the dragged symbol and overwrite the one currently in place. Some components, like Chart and Watch List, can accept multiple symbols at once. Refer to the Drag & Drop topic to learn how this feature works for each component.


4. Right-Click Menu

Right-click on a symbol to display menu and select a component under Open Symbol In to open a new component with symbol pre-populated in input box.


5. Insert Key

Watch List and Alerts components supports adding a new row by pressing the Insert key on the keyboard.


Remove Symbol

Symbols can be deleted by using the Delete key on the keyboard or by selecting Remove Selected Symbol in the right-click menu.  Multiple symbols can be selected and deleted by holding the Shift key.


Invalid symbol

An invalid symbol is indicated as a red solid bar.



Unsupported Instrument

A symbol that is unsupported in a particular component is indicated as an amber solid bar.  For example, equity symbols that are not option eligible in the Option Chain component or equity/option symbols in the Markets component.